Sales Cloud Demo

The world’s #1 sales application. Provides reps, managers and execs everything they need to focus on what’s important: more selling and less administration. The Sales Cloud puts everything reps need to sell in one place. It’s as easy to use as your favorite consumer Web sites and the information you care about most gets pushed to you in real time.

Short Sale: The Basics

Millions of homeowners are “under water” on their home loan and facing foreclosure. However, there are foreclosure alternatives. Learn more about the fastest growing alternative – Short Sales – and why this option is more attractive to both the homeowner AND the lender. Your qualified RE/MAX agent can guide you through the process.

How I find buyers doing Cold calls with Deric Lipski

How I find buyers doing Cold calls with Deric Lipski, If you have a agent and are selling your home, you want your agent doing cold calls looking for buyers for your property in addition to everything else we do it makes sense to add this aspect of the business to prospecting, at the end…