Sales Training Tip – Cold Calling & Send me your information by Victor Antonio, Atlanta, Georgia GA

Sales training tip on cold calling when the prospect ask you to ‘Send them information’. Instead of doing this, sales trainer Victor Antonio demonstrates a more effective sales tactic for overcoming the objection and getting in front of the client, prospect or potential buyer

Smartphones Are Selling Faster than PCs – A recent poll determined that more 50 percent of people who own cellphones used them to make pricing comparisons while shopping during the 2011 holiday season. Obviously, a store that doesn’t realize the importance of having its product information readily available on mobile devices for such shoppers is going to miss out on a big chance to sell its stuff. But whether you’ve got a website for your business or just personal reasons, having one that’s easy to read from a mobile device will ensure that its content comes across. Still not convinced? Here’s how (and why) you should make your website mobile-friendly. You can watch the entire live TLDR episode here: http

How To Cold Call

How to cold call is revealed in this short an informative video that shows you how to stop cold calling and start to smash your sales records. Visit for more information.