Cyber Monday Sales

ANCHOR: With the growing financial worries in the US and around the world. US online retailers report solid web store traffic on Cyber Monday. Morning traffic alone on, which provides links to deals at major retailers, equated to that of last years full day results. STORY: 0 off this TV, half priced web busters, and lots of free shipping. Retailers’ specials snagged many cash stressed consumers to their online stores on Cyber Monday. [Kenneth Boyett, Online Shopper]: “Free shipping is great.” Cyber Monday, the day that kicks off the holiday shopping season online, coincided with the very day the US was officially declared to be in recession. Still, 85 million consumers were expected to cybershop. Target says half-day results show sales were up slightly over last year, and the order sizes were a bit larger. At, which provides links to deals at major retailers, morning traffic nearly equaled that of last year’s full day results. Ellen Davis is vice president of the organization that runs that site. [Ellen Davis, Vice President]: “Websites seem to be packed with people looking for great bargains, looking for great gift ideas. So far, retailers say traffic looks really good and solid over the last year.” OK, people visited, but did they splurge to retailers’ content? Several cybershoppers at this event in Washington were not bingeing on bargains. Andrew Pierce bought some Thomas the Tank pieces of his two kids at etoys. [Andrew

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Brasher’s Post Sale Report Dec 27, 2011

Brasher’s Sacramento Auto Auction’s Post Sale Report for December 27, 2011.