Is Cold Calling Illegal sheds some light on the issue on whether cold calling is legal.

Sales Influence Moment #56 – Fun Video – Guiding a Buyer’s Behavior

www.SalesInfluence.TV | Part 2 of How Asking Probing Questions can Guide a Clent’s Answer. Recall in Sales Influence Moment #54 how I guided Rick’s answer. Some call it manipulation, others call it careful planning in persuasion. Here I explain how I did it!

Blizzard Endorsed Gold Selling? Tradeable In-Game Pets!

Controversial topic? I THINK SO! Every now and then I like to throw my 2 cents out there and see how you guys feel about it. Remember, if you disagree with me, we can still be friends! In-Game trinkets you can purchase with gold: Official Blizzard Link: Have video suggestions? Leave them in the comments! Add Sacred on Facebook! Music: Feint – Wishful Thinking found at: Permission to use was given. For More WoW Arena Videos: